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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia




September 24 / October 2, 2020


Challenges and opportunities


Thursday, September 24, 2020





09:00 - 12:00

Pazin Spomen dom

Scientific conference: Women in the cultural, social and economic life of Istria

Katedra Čakavskog sabora za povijest Istre; BPW Pula


Friday, 2. listopada 2020. Dom hrvatskih branitelja (Croatian Veterans Palace), Leharova ulica 1, Pula


Registration and accreditation – under epidemiologic measures


- Virtual exhibition of BPW Web catalogue of women entrepreneurs

- Lobbying for shopping (Sales exhibition of products of women entrepreneurs)

- Exhibition:The Economy of Pula from The Middle of the 19th Century to the First World War - from the holdings of the Pula City Library and Reading Room

- Performance: Fragrant Time Machine (History of perfume by Ivna Škoro)

- Digital promotions
- ICT for women in business 3DforVET (Technical School Pula)
Sponsor's corner

9:00 – 10:00

Opening and Welcome speeches

Alida Perkov, President BPW Pula, Chair BPW AdrionNet

Amany Asfour, President BPW International

Pinella Bombacci, European coordinator BPW

Maria Karagianni, Thessaloniki Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism (Thessaloniki- Greece)

Nello Musmeci, President Sicily Region, Italy

Elena Puh Belci, Deputy City Mayor of Pula

Sandra Čakić Kuhar, Deputy President of the Istria Region

Ministry of Tourism of Croatia

Member of the Croatia Parliament

10:00 -10:45

Round table 1

Opportunities for financing projects in the circumstances of COVID

Moderator: BPW Pula, Istrian Development Agency, Chamber of Crafts

Guests: BPW Italy, BPW Greece

- Institutional support at the national and international level

- Organization of women's entrepreneurship fairs

- Innovative practices and innovative policies

- BPW Danube net guests: Marion Volk, Marianne Pontone, (BPW Munchen)

- Agnes Puskas Chair BPW Danube net ( BPW Budapest-Hungary)

11:00 - 11:45

Round table 2

Women and entrepreneurship in Istria County

Moderator: BPW Pula, Commission for Gender Parity Istria Region

Presentation of the web catalogue of BPW Pula entrepreneurs

12:00 – 13:00

Networking lunch

13:00 – 13:45

Round table 3

Exchange of best practices of women's entrepreneurship projects in the Adriatic-Ionian region and opportunities for regional cooperation

Moderator: Young BPW Pula, Tiziana Paris

Co-Moderators: Eufemia Ippolito BPW Italy, Thalia Valkouma BPW Thessaloniki Greece

Speakers: Loredana Lasciarrea, Dragica Karajić

14:00 – 14:45

Round table 4

E-Commerce - the solution of new entrepreneurship

Moderator: BPW Pula, BPW Italy

Co-moderators: Giusy Seidita, Mariella Pastoressa

Participants from BPW Danube net and BPW AdrionNet


Proceedings of the Forum (all moderators)

Announcement of the 4th BPW AdrionNet Forum

(Host: Maria Concetta Oliveri, National President FIDAPA BPW Italy)

15:00 -

Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship Street (Ciscutti Street Pula)

Host: Lorena Boljunčić, Elida Cerovac Bakiš - BPW Pula

Patrons: City of Pula, Chamber of Crafts of the Istria Region




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24th Sep. - 3rd Oct, 2020

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