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Vesna Nežić-Ružić

Musical artist - vocal soloist

Vesna Nežić-Ružić, musical artist - vocal soloist

Country: Croatia

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Professional services:

Popular Istrian singer of popular and ethno-pop music with a long successful career, law graduate, member of PBW Pula from day one. Known primarily for nurturing Istrian musical, textual and stage expression, she has won a number of awards and recognitions, and one of the most significant is the Status Award given to her by the Croatian Music Union on the 40th anniversary of her successful artistic music career. She has participated in a number of festivals, most notably the "Melodies of Istria and Kvarner" (Festival throughout Istria and Kvarner - the record 25 times), "Cansonfest" in Kastav, "Marko Polo Festa" in Korcula, "Brodfest" in Slavonski Brod, "Zagorje Kresnica" in Krapina, etc. She has published 15 sound recordings and has been promoting Istria at home and abroad for years, most notably in the United States and Canada, where she performed 25 times. For many years she has also contributed to a range of humanitarian events and actions. Some of her most famous songs are Lovor i ruže, Martinja, Tosan ti ja, Neka sviri roženica, Sve dok živu Istrijani, Volin te Istro, Dragi kanat, Na kantunu, Gremo rože brati, Suze na rastanku, Kako tebe ne voljeti, Kada mi ruke pružaš, Ča su lipi, Po voji ...


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