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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia


BPW Pula - Business Catalogue

We proudly present the Business Catalogue of the Association of Business Women and Entrepreneurs BPW First Croatian Club Pula and invite you to take a look at the variety of business offer. The products and services of our entrepreneurs offer quality and well-known content, and by buying local products and services we build our community.

Alida Perkov, PhD, Certified Adviser for Entrepreneurship, President BPW Pula Croatia, Chair BPW AdrionNet

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Vesna Loborika

Traditional Istrian cheese making, cheese maker and seller


Specialized manufacturer of professional marine electric and hybrid drives

Svijet biljaka

Medicinal plants and cosmetic products

S-Hand Art

Souvenir making and painted silk

Raising awareness of environmental protection

Didactic toys, handicrafts from recycled textiles

Prosciutto producer and Stancija Buršić

Prosciutto, family farm, tasting room, shop with original Istrian products shop

Obrt Guranis

Rural tourism, local products and unique souvenirs, catering and event organization


Production of natural cosmetics


Florist and flower decorations, gifts and souvenirs, extra virgin olive oil

Home Crafts Dia

Manufacture of soap, candles, decorative items and souvenirs

Gir d.o.o. – Karlić truffles

Truffle hunting, buying, selling and processing truffles

Family Farm ValVida

Ecological cultivation and processing of crops, farming and livestock

Domaća radinost Perošević

Personalized and unique souvenirs for various occasions


The production of spirits and liqueurs

ATG Engineering

Production and sales of Ytong white ceiling, brokerage and consulting

Aroma Power

eco - ethno - beauty - tourism - education - art, culture and fashion

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