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Katica Lukinac's Cakes

Preservation of Croatian cultural heritage - a book

Book Katica Lukinac's Cakes

Owner: Dragica Lukinac Karajić, author of the self-published book

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)98 214 510

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Book Katica Lukinac's Cakes

is dedicated to the legacy of culinary skills of my mother Katica Lukinac and the cultural heritage of the civic middle-class artisan environment of the city of Vukovar in the last century!

"It’s wonderful when you help a person who is no more here to bridge the time"
(Marguerite Yourcenar: Memoirs of Hadrian)

This is a book about the human values we carry through life and how others remember us. I was motivated by a neatly stored notebook with a lot of pieces of paper with recipes for sweets and cakes with the names of the people with whom they were tasted, which I found in the family home in Vukovar after my mother's funeral. I was strongly motivated by the realization of the value of these recorded old recipes and what they meant to my mother because this notebook was the only thing she carried with her personal documents in her handbag when fleeing the city of Vukovar in 1991 under shells through the "corn road" trying to save her life. Name of the person from whom the recipe was obtained or with whom it was tasted was written on each piece of paper, so in the footnotes I wrote a few words about that person and what he or she meant to my mother.

These are notes about the life, customs and traditions of the civic artisan environment of the town of Vukovar, which we bring to life with the smells of baked cakes. "This is what my grandmother's house smelled like when we came to visit her", my son exclaimed as he entered the apartment when I baked the cake. It was also the inspiration for preparing this book, a real little family venture. I tried each recipe myself, baked the cake, and my husband and sons took photos of the baked cakes and scanned the original handwritten recipes. As an exile from Vukovar during the Homeland War, my mother lived in the old Riviera Hotel in Poreč for ten years. She baked cakes for many of her friends in Poreč for their special occasions, but she also learned something new from Velina, the cook, Marija and Gracijela, hard-working women who were then employed at the Riviera Hotel.

Dear readers, even in your home you could feel the aromas of your favorite cake, "Danube waves", "Grandma's buns", "Micika from the godmother Jelka", "Aunt Juliana's kongo slices" ... that will take you back to the charm of childhood. Give a present of that feeling to someone dear.


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