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Oria Altić-Debeljuh, LLB.


Oria Altić-Debeljuh, dipl.iur.

Address: Laginjina 6, 52100 Pula

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)98 854 666, +385 (0)52 215 650, +385 (0)52 215 670

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


She received her law education at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in 1988, and following a three-year law internship began her own law practice on April 1, 1992 when she was registered in the Registry of Attorneys of the Croatian Bar Association.

Her main areas of work are work on damages, property and inheritance cases, bankruptcies, criminal law and other.

Active knowledge of English and Italian language.


Note: The legal team works on the legal affairs of the Association - it prepares legal acts, gives suggestions and advice on legal matters, etc.

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