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S-Hand Art

Souvenir making and painted silk

S-Hand Art, souvenir making and painted silk

Owner: Slavica Bezić

Address: Gregovica 18a, 52100 Pula

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)91 595 9952

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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My creative journey began about 15 years ago when I first encountered the silk painting technique. After several individual courses and many, many meters of painted silk, I began exhibiting my products at various hand-made fairs, which I still attend today. Each piece of silk is special and unique, it is difficult to make two identical pieces.

This creative path took me through various stages, from jewelry making, wool felting, to attending ceramics workshops. Then I combined the two elements, ceramics and silk, making ceramic table lamp stands and painted silk lampshades.

I also make lavender products since we cultivate a large field planted with it. I make scented bags in the form of hearts, fish, houses and gift bags containing essential lavender oil and lavender hydrolate.

Throughout the tourist season, I market my products at my own stand in the center of Pula and at several souvenir shops across Istria.


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