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Svijet biljaka

Medicinal plants and cosmetic products

Svijet biljaka

Owner: Dubravka Orlić Bašlin

Address: Antonio Smareglia 65, 52215 Vodnjan

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)52 511 310

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Professional services:

Company Svijet biljaka is engaged in the controlled organic production of medicinal and aromatic plant seedlings, raising plantations of medicinal plants together with subcontractors as well as own plantations, primary processing of various medicinal plant species: lavender, lavandin (a crossbreed between the real and broad-leaved lavender), rosemary, sage, tar, laurel, cypress, fig, geranium, fennel, thyme and myrtle. Steam distillation and extraction methods with main goal to produce natural aromatherapy and cosmetic products according to the principles of certified organic production with HR-EKO-05, ECOCERT SA and HALAL standards. The development of company is based on several programs featuring new product brands that have their own patents and licenses.

Fitoaroma is our main brand and currently the focus of our production and marketing offer. These are natural cosmetics intended for aromatherapy, phytoaromatherapy and personal care.

Lisa verde brand offers natural aromatic sprays for various use - personal care, health prevention and personal protection.

Rosa vita brand offers innovative natural anti-age cosmetics and nutritional supplements based on the latest nutrient - rosmarinic acid.

Aroma lite is the name of new innovative solution for controlled application of herbal complexes in clinical aromatherapy using nanotechnology (CAT-14 Nanotechnology Clinical Aromatheraphy System Device). The system has been patented and is ready to be implemented in hotel systems as a project that will enhance the offer in the health tourism sector (aka Healthy Rooms).

Aromasept is an innovative production program featuring the products for the disinfection of hands, rooms and surfaces that are based on essential oils and chlorine dioxide.


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