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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia


KongresWomen entrepreneurs from Pula Club Business and Professional Woman-BPW yesterday arrived in Vienna to attend the 7th Congress of Entrepreneurs BPW Danube Net Forum businesswomen 2012th.

Led by President Dr. Alida Perkov in Vienna they will participate in the conference which is now held in the Hofburg Palace, and tomorrow at the Hotel Astoria in Vienna.

Topic of the panel that are held under the auspices of the SECI, and are related to the development strategy of the Danube countries and regions to connect, build prosperity, strengthening the Danube region through investment framework and will be discussed on gender equality in the Danube region.

Presenter on behalf of the entrepreneur from Istria will be the president of BPW Pula Alida Perkov PhD . In her opening speech she welcomed all the representatives of women entrepreneurs in the Danube region. Perkov stressed the importance of engagement and debated about the pillars of the strategy for the development of the Danube region from the perspective of women entrepreneurs.

On one of the panels was about the collaboration on the development of projects that will connect Istria with Serbia, especially in the area of cooperation in tourism.That rally was addressed by Senada Hamzagić from the Office for the sustainable development of underdeveloped areas of Serbian government minister Suleiman Ugljanina. Hamzagić stressed the importance of sustainable development of underdeveloped areas to create a stimulating environment to attract domestic and foreign investment. With President BPW Pula Alida Perkov Hamzagić talked about mutual interests of the neighboring countries.aspect on competitiveness and the knowledge society.

Tomorrow on the program of workshops to exchange business experience, PhD Alida Perkov, VivianaBenussi and MSc Daria Božac Marjanovic will be addressed in their presentation on the importance of lifelong learning of young entrepreneurs in the context of increasing competitiveness in the labor market.

Entrepreneurs from Pula, along with other members of Congress will be guests in the city hall of Vienna.

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