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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia


On the 29th and 30th October 2015, more than a thousand delegates attended the 4th annual forum EUSDR - European Strategy for the Danube Region. Forum was organized by the European Commission, the State of Baden-Wurttemberg and the city of Ulm.

At the invitation of the organizers of the conference, Mrs. Alida Perkov Ph.D., the president of BPW Pula - Business and Professional Women Pula, and the president of the Entrepreneurs of the Danube basin - BPW Danube net, participated in the conference in Ulm as a key presenter, key- note speaker, in the program on strategies to strengthen women's entrepreneurship.

In her speech, Mrs. Perkov pointed out that there should be the regional-Danube level coordination between the political and scientific institutions, NGOs and the real sector. Civil sector should be allowed a more active role in promoting women's entrepreneurship. Also, it is necessary to activate the cross-border projects that promote women's entrepreneurship, conduct ongoing education of women in the knowledge economy, and implement socialization of vulnerable groups such as women refugees, therefore providing them with opportunities that will facilitate employment and entry into entrepreneurship.

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